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Please use this page to pay your business tax or transient occupancy tax. Fill in your account number and web security code, both of
which are found on your renewal form. You will be asked to verify the current business location, phone number and other
pertinent information. This is very important for the processing of your business tax or transient occupancy tax payment. For additional help, please call
Business Tax Customer Service at (559) 621-6880 Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST.
Business License Tax FAQ

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Fresno now offers an E-Check option for your business tax payments.
It is convenient, user friendly, and the service fee is only $0.89!
You can still pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with a 2.3% service fee.
All E-Check payments made after 8:00 PM PST will be posted next business day
For details, visit our website at

A State Mandated Fee of $4.00 is collected with this tax return in support of a state mandated disability access and education fund.

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant
responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public.
You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the
following agencies:

The Division of the State Architect at
The Department of Rehabilitation at
The California Commission on Disability Access at

Information provided through the online renewal process is subject to audit.
Falsification of information is subject of penalty of perjury.
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